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Bankstown Competition Summer 2019/2020

Last updated 22 Jun 2020 !

The Bankstown Basketball Association made the decision regarding the summer competition 2019/2020 to disband and made the final decision for the champions and runners up based on the position that the team was on the ladder!
Boys u/11 Div2 CHAMPIONS
Boys u/12 Div1 RUNNERS UP
Boys u/14 Div1 RUNNERS UP
Girls u/14 Div2 RUNNERS UP
Boys u/16 Div1 THIRD PLACE
Girls u/16 Div2 CHAMPIONS
Boys u/18 Div1 CHAMPIONS
Girls u/18 Div1 CHAMPIONS
Boys u/20 Div1 RUNNERS UP

New winter 2020 season commences after school holiday on Friday 24th July !
This will be a short competition running only over 10 weeks including semi finals and grand finals games for two weeks !

Last updated 19 Jun  2020 !

Hi All,
In addition to the previous email that was sent out regarding the decision to disband the 2019/20 Summer Comp, our records will indicate/show that the teams coming 1st or 2nd on the ladder will be marked as first and second place for Summer 2019/2020 season.

Kind Regards,
Christine Rosina
Junior Competitions Manager
Bankstown Basketball Association


Last updated 17 Jun  2020 !

   Good Afternoon, Firstly, I hope you are all well and safe.
I am touching base with all clubs regarding the Junior Competition. Given the current restrictions and the release of the 3 Step Framework, it has become clear that our competitions will not be able to safely operate on the date that we had hoped.
    As we have all become aware, the guidelines outlined by the NSW Government are not set in stone and may change at any time.
We believe at this time that it is best to post-pone all competitions indefinitely. To date no clear timeline has been given for our sport to return in any form including training. We are hesitant to give another start date at this time as things may come back sooner than what has been predicted or be pushed back even further. We will continue to follow the restrictions closely and once we have a clear start date will let you know with plenty of time to nominate/re-nominate teams, add players and do the admin work required for your club (it is not something we will spring on you a week out).
    We have had many discussions in this office and with the match committee regarding what is to be done with the 2019/20 Summer Comp which was meant to conclude early April. Under the current circumstances of COVID-19, and with the restrictions continuing over the next few months, we decided to disband the Summer 2019/20 competition and start afresh with a new competition once restrictions are eased and we have a clearer idea of how we can proceed.
    I will reach out as soon as things become clear.
Many thanks,
Christine Rosina
Junior Competitions Manager
Bankstown Basketball Association


Last updated 22 April 2020 !

The Red Stars junior teams on Friday night in Bankstown Basketball Summer 2019/2020 Competation!

The Bankstown Basketball Match Committee have decided that there will be no Semi Finals for the Summer 19/20 season and that the games played will be Grand Finals only. This means that based on the Semi Final working, only positions 1 and 2 for each division will play the Grand Finals

Due to all Red Stars junior teams having a good summer season ,unfortunately only one team didn't make it to the finals,that's the boys team U/16 who finished third.All other 8 teams were 1st or 2nd position before the games got postponed due to Covid-19 corona virus!

We are still hoping to be able to finalise the Summer 2019/2020 season in term 2 !

Red Stars Basketball Club Grand Final Games for Summer 2020 Junior Bankstown Basketball Competition on Friday 12th of June 2020!

Red Stars Friday Junior Games on 12/06/2020 
Red Stars Boys U/12 at 6:30pm CT7  Vs  SWH Stingers           > TEAM PHOTO <
Red Stars Boys U/14at 5:30pm CT1  Vs  TRIBE 14B                 > TEAM PHOTO <1.new
Red Stars Girls U/14at 5:30pm CT4  Vs  Spot on Ballers           > TEAM PHOTO <
Red Stars Girls U/16 at 7:30pm CT4  Vs  Notorious Rubies       > TEAM PHOTO <1.new
Red Stars Boys U/18 at 8:30pm CT1  Vs  Obilic                         > TEAM PHOTO <
Red Stars Girls U/18 at 8:30pm CT4  Vs  Obilic                          > TEAM PHOTO <
Red Stars Boys U/20at 9:30pm CT2  Vs  Notorious Mayhem     > TEAM PHOTO <

Red Stars Saturday Junior Game on 13/06/2020
Red Stars Boys U/11 at 11:10am CT6  Vs  On Fire Ninjas         > TEAM PHOTO <1.new

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