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Red Stars Grand Final Games Winter 2020 Bankstown Basketball Competition

Good result from Red Stars junior teams on Friday night in Bankstown Basketball Winter 2020 Competition!
Thanks to all players and coaches on a excellent achievement !
Lets go make one more step together this Friday!
Also thank you to all players, parents and friends for your support !

Red Stars Basketball Club Grand Final Games for Winter 2020 Junior Bankstown Basketball Competition on Friday 25th of September 2020!

Congratulations to all Red Stars teams for making it to the Grand Finals Bankstown Friday Winter 2020 Basketball Competition!

Red Stars Friday Junior Games on 25/09/2020 
Red Stars Boys U/12at 6:40pm CT6  Vs  FABStarBoilermakers RUNNERS UP
Red Stars Boys U/16 at 6:40pm CT1  Vs  QBC Heat            RUNNERS UP      
Red Stars Girls U/16 at 5:30pm CT2  Vs  Jets                          RUNNERS UP    
Red Stars Boys U/18 at 9:00pm CT2  Vs  Brooklyn Sanity          RUNNERS UP
Red Stars Girls U/18 at 7:50pm CT3  Vs  On Fire Hotshots        RUNNERS UP
Red Stars Boys U/20at 9:00pm CT1  Vs  On Fire Extreme     CHAMPIONS 
Good Luck to all Red Stars Teams !!!


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