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To all Members/Parents/Guardians & Community Members,
The NSW Government has released a statement yesterday (27/1/21) in relation to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions including the wearing of face masks. Please see link
Upon reviewing the new easing of restrictions this will be Bankstown Basketball Association’s position of the wearing of masks/ COVID-19 Safe Practices commencing 9am – Friday 29th January 2021:
• The Association will no longer enforce visitors/ spectators/ players to wear masks to be able to enter the stadium.
• Spectators are no longer required to wear a mask. However, the Association would still encourage the wearing of masks while seated. Also, to please adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rule (except for obvious family members) with designated crosses on the seats and grandstands.
• The canteen staff will still be required to wear a mask as part of the mandatory Hospitality health order.
• The COVID entry/ exit procedure will remain in place. The Service NSW QR Code will need to be completed by all senior players/ spectators/ parents/ casual shooters.
• Registered Junior Players/ Junior Rep Players/ Learn to Play enrolments are exempt from using the QR Code system. The Association has a record of registered players on game day/ night.
• Max Three (3) spectators per team for Senior Competitions.
• One (1) spectator per child for Junior Competitions.
• Continue Junior Competition COVID team entry procedure.
• Encourage teams to vacate stadium immediately after games to allow the cross over for the next scheduled game.
While we can all appreciate the efforts of the state to currently show zero community traced outbreaks of COVID the Association would like to remain diligent on its COVID safety procedures and plans. We thank you in advanced in assisting us keeping Bankstown Basketball Stadium as safe as possible and ask please adhere/ respect the directive by any staff member in keeping the stadium COVID-19 free.

Take care and stay safe,
Christian Gobolos
General Manager
Bankstown Basketball Association

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